ain't. no.

So I usually don’t like astrology because it always says that a Taurus is stubborn and generally difficult and that’s not me at all (total INFP), but I found a Taurus description that actually has a few things right (but still kind of off)

Of all the twelve sun-signs, Taurus is the one most in need of order (I can’t stand inflexibility), security and self-assurance. Taurus are not friendly to indecision (totally indecisive) and chaos at all. They work hard at bringing security – social and economical, in their and their loved ones’ lives. They will find it very hard to risk it for something in the air, no matter how great and majestic it might be. These are really patient people that will never throw in the towel (I give up all the time. I’m really good at giving up.) and keep fighting for what they value and what they believe in. They can settle for very few accomplishments, or long lean periods, but they need to know that certain changes are inevitable, and certain things will come to you only when they have to, no matter how hard and long you try. Quite a contrast from the patient plodder, huh? (what?)

This is why onlookers would feel that Taurus are too slow or too dull – the truth is they are in a world of their own, where everything has its own pace, and nothing needs to be hurried. Emotional security is just as important for them as economic. They make really stable relationships, and hold on to them with all their moral strength. But as we have said, they are afraid of change, and afraid of letting things go. Thus they might get really possessive at times, to the inconvenience of the companion. (ew)

However, Taurus are known to be the most attractive looking of all the twelve signs. And they happen to be very passionate (Italian), even though some might find them to be a little on the slow side (excuse me). They can’t help it – they don’t like rude shocks, and always like to know the result of something before leaping into it. So in short, they are beautiful, sensual people who have great taste for the grander and more subtle things in life. (sure)


Future Colors of America

Acid Mulder
mixed media on paper
10” x 11.5”
Albert Reyes, Matt Furie, & Aiyana Udesen


Acid Scully
mixed media on paper
10.5” x 11.5”
Matt Furie & Aiyana Udesen


These are two collaborative drawings from three Los Angeles area artists known as Future Colors of America (Albert Reyes, Matt Furie, and Aiyana Udesen ) and are currently on view at San Francisco’s FFDG until the twelfth of October.